Indigenize or Die- The Way Ahead

Friends of the 7th Generation


After 18 months of learning from numerous indigenous educators, wisdom keepers, elders, and several recent ceremonies, we come to a crossroads where we are called to decide on a next course of action. At the Talking circle on Wednesday 30th August we gathered to discuss the way ahead for the movement, how have we (that is, allies) been changed in our personal decolonization? How are we changing our own cultures through respect and restoration of original indigenous principles? How might we be allies to an Indigenous Toronto and Canada going forward?

We were pretty happy with the turnout and very much with the level of depth and engagement. We’re in a process of drawing a community of spiritual sisters and brothers sincerely drawn to supporting the 7 Generations. Since this is 140 years or so, we ought to start considering this a community of cultural foresight as well as support for the balance of our ecologies and people in the near term.

While this initiative is extraordinarily life affirming, without the support of a large segment of non-Indigenous people, we won’t collectively transition to a way of life in harmony with our Mother. Indigenize or Die is proposing to build this support base of allies from the ground up – community or neighbourhood based, Indigenously led talking circles of people committed to creating a socially just, ecologically sustainable and spiritually fulfilling world — leading to a broad based gathering of allies who together with the Indigenous women decision-makers will be a force for change.

The image below captures the highlights from the discussion.

This weekend NOW magazine covered an article discussing the efforts the towards decolonizing design curriculum, here is the link to the article: