“Indigenize or Die” extends an invitation to a CEREMONY  HONOURING FIRE

led by Giidaakunedaad (Nancy) Rowe

This is the territory governed by the treaty of the Dish with One Spoon. Gradually the nations that were party to that treaty will bring back their understanding of the treaty, renew it with  each  other and the true law of the land can be re-established. 
But our relatives can’t wait for this process. The children of all of them are in peril. It is said that the bear circles the village keeping a watchful eye. In times of great danger it goes to the centre of the village and faces the danger. All of our villages are in great danger. Our ceremony leader is Bear clan. Following her, we are coming to the centre to face the danger. It is time for the prophecies to be fulfilled, for Indigenous people to show the way in support of life.
The time is now, to unite all nations. All are welcome to join the Ceremony Honouring Fire. We especially encourage Indigenous women and women of all Nations who are party to the Dish with One Spoon. Following the ceremony we will share some of what has come regarding protecting the land.

Ceremony leader: Giidaakunedaad (Nancy) Rowe
Giidaakunadaad n’dizhinikaaz “I am called the spirit who lives in high places”. Nancy Rowe is a Mississauga, Ojibwe of the Aanishinaabek Nation located at New Credit First Nation, ON. Nancy holds an honors BA in Indigenous Studies and Political Science. She is an educator, consultant and a Traditional Practitioner of Aanishinaabek lifeway’s, views and customary practices and is currently completing a Master’s degree of Environmental Resource Studies at the University of Waterloo. She is an avid volunteer who co-ordinates Kinomaagaye Gaamik, a grass roots initiative to provide educational opportunities for all peoples interested in Indigenous perspectives of life, health, education, history and the environment. “Education is the doorway through which we all can create a common ground and understanding of not only Indigenous Peoples but also, and more importantly, our environment.” She is also part of a newly formed, Indigenous based, initiative of Rivercourt Engineering, a dynamic team of engineers, scientists and social innovators who have been on the forefront of award winning, ecologically and socially integrated design for over 40 years.

When – Sunday June 4, 2017 – 11 am sharp to 3 pm

Where – Algonquin Island Park, Toronto Islands
(Although the parks are closed, the island is open to guests of residents of the island. We are guests of David Smiley.)